Rebecca Reid Scott

London-based artist working in several media.

My art career began in my late twenties after abandoning my academic post-graduate research to pursue my original interests.

I have always loved drawing but without a traditional art eduction I believed I lacked the ability or connections to become a successful artist.  This is untrue: books, adult education classes, perseverance and passion for the work of artists that inspire me means I am continually motivated to improve and expand my art practice.

My initial work concentrated on drawings materials, pen, pastels and charcoal and then expanded into watercolour.  In this I found a beautifully free and fluid medium of expression.  Using watercolour on fabric allows me to combine painting and embroidery, a lovely juxtaposition of release and control.

Since early 2020 I have been creating medium to large-scale paintings in acrylic, in which I use colour and form to convey and evoke emotions and moods.  The variety of my work expresses my range of inspirations, both in subject matter and technique.  The natural world and landscapes, both external and internal are my dominant themes, whether depicted in intricate detail or looser, more gestural work.  In a time of restriction, I want my work to evoke a sense of freedom and joy.

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